Why Women Should Have Apps

Many women admit that there comes a time in their lives when they feel overwhelmed and just need a break. Having apps might not solve all the challenges women encounter. Still, they make work easier and help in lifting the burden. Some of the reasons why women should have apps include the following.

To Save Time

Having apps such as GrabOne, DHgate, Wish, and other shopping portals saves you the time that you would have spent at a store. You can also add your favourite store to your list if they have developed an app that allows you to shop from the comfort of your house. Some apps help you monitor traffic so that you get home or to work on time.


Women are vulnerable in society, and it always feels good for them to have an app that can help them manoeuvre through uncomfortable situations. Knowing that they can hail a taxi through apps such as Uber and Lyft when they are in danger, or having an app like Safetrek makes them feel much safer and more confident.

Good Health

Some apps help women keep up with their exercise schedules, while some such as Zero help women who are on a diet to keep up with the right meals. Most of the fitness apps have a provision for you to key in your current weight, goal weight, and the general direction that you want your health to go in.

Family Planning

Women bear the burden of family planning, and it only makes sense for them to have an app that helps them monitor their reproductive system. Apps such as Clue and Flo help women track their cycle and can be used by those who want to try natural family planning. Some apps also remind women when they are due for gynecological tests, and when they should take their contraceptives.