What to Consider Before Downloading Apps

The app market is flooded by many developers who promise the best experience. It can be a tough act trying to choose the best app for you among the many available options.

What to Consider When Choosing Apps

  • Reviews: Take your time to read through the reviews that other users have left about the app. Make sure that the reviews are from trusted sources as some companies will hire bots to give them good reviews.
  • The Source Before you download the app, check to see where the app is coming from. It is good practice that you only download apps that are coming from their primary source and not through secondary sites. Make sure that even if you saw suggestions about the app from a different website, it is leading you back to the source.
  • Your Gut Feeling: This may sound odd and far fetched, but you have to learn to trust what your instincts are telling you. If you feel that you are getting suspicious about an app, then you should probably skip it and try something different.
  • Compatibility: Always read through the descriptions of the app and find out if it is compatible with your phone. Some apps are made specifically for iOS, while others will work best with Android devices. Go through the rules to know if you are getting the correct version; otherwise, you will interfere with your phone’s operation.
  • Price: Not all apps are free. Some will require you to pay a one-off fee while others have a monthly charge. You should check to see if you can afford it in the long run.
  • Privacy Policy: Read through the privacy policy to check whether the company will have access to your data, and what they can do with the data they get from you.