The Growth of Women in Technology

Until recently, the place of women was thought to be in the kitchen. Women were supposed to stay at home, give birth to babies and cook for their husbands who were returning from home. A woman was supposed to be seen, but not heard. Those who spoke about what they felt were branded as rebels and outcasts in society. Even in schools, women were encouraged to focus on the arts as men pursued science and technology. Times have now changed, and more women are taking up space in the field of technology.

Women in Technology

In the 90s, Radia Perlman, the woman who created Spanning Tree Protocol that became an important part of the internet, set the pace when it came to women charting a different path in IT. The 21st century has brought even more women to the fore. More universities are now making it a point to push for gender balance in technological courses, and women are embracing it.

Industries that were once considered a male domain, like the video gaming world and online casinos are now getting more women. Not only are women producing content for these industries, but they are also enjoying products like 7 Sultan Freespins, and statistics indicate that women are among the people who are likely to play spins in casinos.

The Future of Women in Technology

From the 2010s going forward, more women have been getting even more involved in designing and creating useful apps. They are not just reserving themselves to apps about women, but they are also coming up with apps that are competing with what men are doing. Michelle Simmons created the first quantum company in 2017 goes to show that women can blossom if they are given the right space and opportunities. With more research institutions giving women equal chances, the future looks bright for women who are passionate about technology.