Apps to Keep Women Safe

With the increasing number of cases of women being victims of sexual and physical violence, it is becoming apparent that they need to keep an extra eye for them to be safe. Apps are not a sure proof way of ensuring women are safe, but it gives them a level of security.

Safety Apps for Women

  • iGoSafely: To ensure the woman is safe, this app alerts her emergency contacts by sending an email or messages when she is in danger. She just needs to activate it, and her contacts will get the message, including a ping to the location where she is so that she can be rescued.
  • ShakeToSafety: It sends an emergency message or calls numbers in the emergency contact when the woman presses the power button several times or shakes the phone. What makes it work better during danger is that it does not need her to be connected to the internet, and it also works when the phone screen is on lock mode.
  • My Safety Pin: This app is essential for women who are in an unknown area. It helps them to choose the road, which is considered safe. The app classifies safety as availability of public transport, human traffic and the security of the area.
  • On Watch: This is meant to connect women with different emergency contacts including medics and the police. It also allows women to set a timer when doing some activities like going for a walk. After the time has elapsed, it tells the women to confirm if they are safe. If they do not, it sends out alerts.
  • Trakie This app allows women to share essential details about their whereabouts, especially when they are out. It shares things like the strength of their signal, battery charge percentage, and the speed at which they are moving. In case of danger, the people who are watching their movements can share it with the police.