Fun Gaming Apps for Women

Fun Gaming Apps for Women

Women are involved in many things. From birthing, nursing, taking care of the home, and going to work, things can get very hectic for the average woman. Whichever country they are from, it is apparent that women need a break. A good way of them finding a temporary escape from all the things they have to deal with is by playing games on their phones or computers. They may not get the perfect rest, but at least the games give them something fun to get occupied with. Some of the fun gaming apps for women are as follows.

Love Nikki Dress Up Queen

From the name, you can guess that this is an app about fashion. It allows women to dress up the main character, who is called Nikki so that she can go out to compete in different events. It also allows you to decorate her house, and it is a fit for women who love fashion and home decor. The animation features add more colour to the game. There are also online casinos like Vegas palms online casino that have slot games made for women.


This is not a game that is specifically made for women, but this block game is for women who want something fun and relaxing. Watching the blocks form a pattern and building up the scores is interesting. You do not need to be quite tech-savvy for you to understand how Tetris works. Be warned that this is a very addictive game.


For women who love to be in control, this is the game for you. It allows you to become a mayor. Through your position, you put a plan on everything happening in the town, from the plants to plant, the buildings on the plot and even how the street is planned. The more you play, you get bigger land, and you get to do more.