Apps to Keep Women Safe

Apps to Keep Women Safe

With the increasing number of cases of women being victims of sexual and physical violence, it is becoming apparent that they need to keep an extra eye for them to be safe. Apps are not a sure proof way of ensuring women are safe, but it gives them a level of security.

Safety Apps for Women

  • iGoSafely: To ensure the woman is safe, this app alerts her emergency contacts by sending an email or messages when she is in danger. She just needs to activate it, and her contacts will get the message, including a ping to the location where she is so that she can be rescued.
  • ShakeToSafety: It sends an emergency message or calls numbers in the emergency contact when the woman presses the power button several times or shakes the phone. What makes it work better during danger is that it does not need her to be connected to the internet, and it also works when the phone screen is on lock mode.
  • My Safety Pin: This app is essential for women who are in an unknown area. It helps them to choose the road, which is considered safe. The app classifies safety as availability of public transport, human traffic and the security of the area.
  • On Watch: This is meant to connect women with different emergency contacts including medics and the police. It also allows women to set a timer when doing some activities like going for a walk. After the time has elapsed, it tells the women to confirm if they are safe. If they do not, it sends out alerts.
  • Trakie This app allows women to share essential details about their whereabouts, especially when they are out. It shares things like the strength of their signal, battery charge percentage, and the speed at which they are moving. In case of danger, the people who are watching their movements can share it with the police.
What to Consider Before Downloading Apps

What to Consider Before Downloading Apps

The app market is flooded by many developers who promise the best experience. It can be a tough act trying to choose the best app for you among the many available options.

What to Consider When Choosing Apps

  • Reviews: Take your time to read through the reviews that other users have left about the app. Make sure that the reviews are from trusted sources as some companies will hire bots to give them good reviews.
  • The Source Before you download the app, check to see where the app is coming from. It is good practice that you only download apps that are coming from their primary source and not through secondary sites. Make sure that even if you saw suggestions about the app from a different website, it is leading you back to the source.
  • Your Gut Feeling: This may sound odd and far fetched, but you have to learn to trust what your instincts are telling you. If you feel that you are getting suspicious about an app, then you should probably skip it and try something different.
  • Compatibility: Always read through the descriptions of the app and find out if it is compatible with your phone. Some apps are made specifically for iOS, while others will work best with Android devices. Go through the rules to know if you are getting the correct version; otherwise, you will interfere with your phone’s operation.
  • Price: Not all apps are free. Some will require you to pay a one-off fee while others have a monthly charge. You should check to see if you can afford it in the long run.
  • Privacy Policy: Read through the privacy policy to check whether the company will have access to your data, and what they can do with the data they get from you.
Why Women Should Have Apps

Why Women Should Have Apps

Many women admit that there comes a time in their lives when they feel overwhelmed and just need a break. Having apps might not solve all the challenges women encounter. Still, they make work easier and help in lifting the burden. Some of the reasons why women should have apps include the following.

To Save Time

Having apps such as GrabOne, DHgate, Wish, and other shopping portals saves you the time that you would have spent at a store. You can also add your favourite store to your list if they have developed an app that allows you to shop from the comfort of your house. Some apps help you monitor traffic so that you get home or to work on time.


Women are vulnerable in society, and it always feels good for them to have an app that can help them manoeuvre through uncomfortable situations. Knowing that they can hail a taxi through apps such as Uber and Lyft when they are in danger, or having an app like Safetrek makes them feel much safer and more confident.

Good Health

Some apps help women keep up with their exercise schedules, while some such as Zero help women who are on a diet to keep up with the right meals. Most of the fitness apps have a provision for you to key in your current weight, goal weight, and the general direction that you want your health to go in.

Family Planning

Women bear the burden of family planning, and it only makes sense for them to have an app that helps them monitor their reproductive system. Apps such as Clue and Flo help women track their cycle and can be used by those who want to try natural family planning. Some apps also remind women when they are due for gynecological tests, and when they should take their contraceptives.

Apps Every Woman Must Have

Apps Every Woman Must Have

If you are a woman, you understand how life can get overwhelming sometimes. Trying to balance work and home life can be stressful if you have not found ways to strike the perfect balance. That is why you should have apps on your smartphone to make things easier. Some of the apps a woman should have include the following.

Shopping Apps

This is especially important if you have a family. Trying to squeeze time into your busy schedule to go and shop can be challenging. You should have shopping apps, and some of them even deliver to your doorsteps. Most big supermarkets have apps that you can download. You can also try popular apps like Wish, The Warehouse, Afterpay, and others that have good ratings in New Zealand.

Tracking Your Cycle

Whether you are trying to conceive or tracking your cycle to prevent accidents that happen when you are not in charge of your menstrual cycle, every woman needs an app to make them know what is going on in their bodies. Apps like My Pill, Flo, and Clue will not only tell you when to anticipate your next period, but they will also help you track your ovulation, moods, and cravings.

Fitness Apps

As a woman, you sometimes find yourself too busy that you barely have time to go to the gym. Getting fitness apps like Motion Traxx, Fitness, and Daily Yoga will help you keep up with your health and be fit. Most of the fitness apps also have reminders to let you know that it is time to exercise.

Budget Management

For you to be in control of your finances, you should have apps where you can monitor your expenses. You should download apps like Mint, or even see if your bank has an app that helps you monitor your finances to prevent you from sinking into debt.

How Women Can Identify the Best Apps

How Women Can Identify the Best Apps

Many apps are available which target women as the core demographic. Going through the available options and settling on one app can be quite a challenge. Some of the tips women can use in identifying the best apps are as follows.


Reading the online reviews that have been left for specific apps will guide you on whether it is worth downloading. You should go through the many things that people are saying about the apps, and see the experience that they have had with the app when they were using it. The reviews are a way of knowing what to expect when you download the app.


Some apps are uniquely tailored to help women. Apps such as the ones that track menstrual cycles, or issue reminders to take contraceptives or to schedule gynecological appointments are important. If you are a woman and you are looking for apps, you should have these kinds to make life easier.


An app will only work at its optimal best when it is downloaded for the device it was meant for. Make sure that you read through the details of an app, including the versions it supports and where it works best. For instance, some apps are made for iOS users, and they tend to slow down other devices.


Not all apps are free of charge. Some will charge a monthly figure, while others will need you to pay a one-off fee during the download. You need to calculate to see if the amount they are charging is worth it and if you can get other options that work better at a lower price.


What makes an app superior are the features it comes with. Some will keep popping up advertisements and distractions. It would be best if you tried to download only the ones that are easy to use and have good features.